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OUR PRIVACY POLICY is dedicated to protecting the privacy and satisfaction of its visitors. Our Contact Form is used exclusively within to provide a communication link with you. We will NEVER sell or give away any information received via this form. Feel free to ask questions and make comments to us in complete confidence. If you are writing about a specific product, PLEASE let us know which one it is. We carry many products and have many visitors to our website and we need you to communicate clearly with us. Thank you.

PRODUCT SATISFACTION POLICY spends a lot of time reviewing. analyzing and searching for products that we feel provide real value and service to our visitors. The products you see featured on our pages are nationally marketed and have been evaluated for their potential value to the consumer. Due to the broad variety and diversity of the selections offered, DeluxDeals cannot undertake responsibility for customer satisfaction. Accordingly, we strive to ensure that each product comes with some sort of money back offer, trial period, or other form of satisfaction guarantee. Details for each product are available on the manufacturer's pages that we provide links to. Should you not be able to locate this information, feel free to contact us for assistance.


The majority of products offered through are from American companies. As such, many of the offers we promote are available only in the USA, since shipping costs are usually much higher to other countries. We apologize if this causes any inconvenience to you, but suggest you check the manufacturer's offer pages thoroughly to examine shipping criteria as it will vary from product to product.



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